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The edge of distress – poem

Index fingers to thumbs, hands on the knees we heave together in Kapalabhati. I have come here often enough it may be brewing coffee, shifting the car to drive. At first my wingspan was the measure of safety— how far over my neighbor’s sticky mat did my fingers spread in Ardha Chandrasana? To touch a … Continue reading


The Map – poem

  Survey it. I’ve got one plush chair. Stacked with books and bills, costume pearls          dangle over dice and magazines.                  Sit on the carpet, the bed      if it’s a problem. Outside     the slanted bay windows           thousands   of reflections burn light from dawns       that pop without fog.       This city is not       the map, I am the … Continue reading


Queen – Poem

I love her brand of lady, the slanted sequined mirror. The sassy kiss of a drag queen is everyone’s dream. Her brazen farce pulls in— take me as I am— bitch. Tits of foam and crystal spike heels— let’s peel back gender. Flirt. I’d paint on eyebrows like a roller coaster ride. I’d reclaim beauty, … Continue reading