Permission Slip – Poem

I hereby grant you
________________________ (signatory) a
Future.  A dream.  Red velvet rope,
redundant reporters, peonies
of panic.  This card endows its
holder with the freedom of
freedom (responsibility to care
for yourself alone, rise up and
make a difference like a fridge
magnet affixed
to the top of the sutro tower).
And you will see
beyond yourself.  Gold.  
A future, a place where you
belong, doubt though you may,
intention to catapult is clear.
It comes risky, cuts into hum-drum
netflix and the no longer taboo.  
This contract liberates the lazy
(signatory) by flipping a black
light on the back pedaling so
that all your  faults already glow.  
Go fix it.  You will.  By the power
of greyskull, each hope you
hold up will be a 747.  And
though you will not get the
window seat, you will
not have more leg room
you will look at the sun
as you fly towards it
and hum. 


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