How not to eat every other thing

I know I’m ungrounded in my topicality.  Plot?  What plot?  Subject matter?  Why does it matter?  I write about music, about light, about stress, about salvation, about love, about teaching, about order and it’s twin opposite.  Perhaps it’s because I’m a philosopher as much as I am a writer.  It’s not that I can’t choose a topic, and write an organized thesis, it’s that this is not how I see life.  I caught a snippet of NPR yesterday and heard someone say, CS Lewis is one of the best philosophers.  He clearly integrates the three things all philosophers seek: Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  Isn’t that what we all seek?

I could write volumes trying to define what each of these is–and I’m sure it’s what I’m doing here.  But we organize our lives according to these things, without even setting up a proper definition.  And my flash of insight for the day is that instead of only asking the questions, I have to make the statement.

Life should be less suffering.  The only pain we experience is a deviance between the expected and the unexpected.  I believe you will give me the job, and you don’t.  I believe I will have the discipline to write every day, and I don’t.  I believe my body will be healthy and happy each day, and it isn’t.  Detachment is part of the idea here, but beyond that, I’m cycling back to the buddhist idea that life is suffering, and that suffering is caused by desire.

I desire to have less desire.  . … to have less desire to have less desire, to have less desire.


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