Dust and Imagination

ps2HtkPzsx-8Sometimes we put our fingers on imaginary keyboards, because we know somewhere, someone wants us to type.  The painting above my bed, a landscape of Carmel, has felt colder and colder since I arrived in San Francisco.  And the weather in the painting has stayed the same.  I just feel, more or less, that it’s off.  The world is full of measuring devices.  There are vehicles for vehicles to track your success.

Its easier to flip a switch, to be the lead character in another person’s imagination, than it is to live in my own.  So I read, I watch films and shows, I listen to music.  I sense the world as a synthetic.

It seems apropos that my time alone is all-to-often a brainstorming session of how to change my life.  I am running away from it, and always have been.

There is a funnel I’m placing on my life, and it’s pointing in the wrong direction: away.  I do what needs to be done in the way I shimmy bricks in a losing game of tetris.

Feel it: the future – only when you feel it will you see it.  Believe it.  Monkey mind is a fault you can unhex.

Thank you Rob Brezney and Dorianne Laux



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