Scratching sunrise – Poem

Joy spread like an electric storm

and the new magnets fell to the

dry earth over Petaluma where

basketballs were racked and

pancake batter dusted the counter.

Impervious to the cuddling

up of the country and its

frenemies,  you sprayed silly string

on her breasts, and exed out

the rest of the world.  On

the package of your existence, it read

supernatural ingredients.

It read life.  And she extended

her patience, and you grew out

your goatee.  And it was good.

But gravity is nothing

next to electricity, and on a windy day

you climbed onto the serif

of a hybrid word.  Decidedly

redirecting the ever after.  Ever inhale

chalk?  Ever snort a hurricane?

Try it.  Try to heal from this.

Hand in destruction

to the dry cleaner, get it back pressed.

The world goes on, still

semiautomatic and black

heavy in disagreement.  That rocketship

shape you built yourself into

was the effect of being needed.

You were, you are, you are.

Find someone who doesn’t hold

their own melted toy soldiers,

electric towers of apathy.

Tell me you should retreat

when the world is in need

of effervescent umbrellas.


4 thoughts on “Scratching sunrise – Poem

  1. Some stunning images here! I like ‘melted toy soidiers’, “on the package of your existence it read supernatural ingredients” and “climbed on to a serif” , just for starters!

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