Wolf dog – Poem

My wolf was pawned off

when I went to college

and at college I forgot


the urgency of love like sponges

in the sink, daily conditioning.

Desire doesn’t howl at the moon


it watches those who do.

The backhanded guarantee

of family became more clear


when I left it all behind.

What does it mean to ask after

when time is acid washed


like jeans and gutter punks?

The world was all theme park

and I wanted to get dizzy.


I’d been a terrible parent–

became the wolfdog’s pup

and protectorate.


But we agreed to invert the charge. Jedi

got his name a week after

I took him home, he was one


with the force, and one

with me; served as the hinged

silver compass, keeping young men


six feet from my flesh. Today

in Stockton, a young man shot

after girls who wouldn’t give him his


good time, and this was a week

after Santa Barbara’s killing

spree at the Sorority. This is how


far we’ve come. Beauty

was the first danger. Power

a runner up. More than ever, girls


need an embodiment of Animal,

ferocious and loyal

to keep them safe from


what goes unsaid. In the spring

of my sophomore year Jedi

found an adopted home


in the back cabin

of a lady truck-driver.

I was still kissing boys


with metallic lips, coming

home clueless, howling through

gunpowder dark.


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