Queen – Poem

I love her brand of

lady, the slanted

sequined mirror.

The sassy kiss of

a drag queen

is everyone’s dream.

Her brazen farce

pulls in—

take me as I am—

bitch. Tits of foam and

crystal spike heels—

let’s peel back gender.

Flirt. I’d paint on

eyebrows like a

roller coaster ride.

I’d reclaim beauty,

handwrite the fake

receipt— nobody

gets to tell you

who you are! This joy

is unassailable.

Try her. Try me.

I, too would riot—

canvas my skin

to make it

feminine. How

blessed I am

to bleed, a pardon

like a drumbeat.

How to be cisgender

I get to forget

the role I play.

Bring it sister.

If I weren’t born

a woman, I’d

choose it anyway.


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